The full Rules and Regulations should be read before you sign a Lease.
All rules and regulations are subject to change. Please obtain the latest version when you arrive.

Piper’s Landing Y&CC HOA position on the rental of units by HOA members 8/2017
Excerpts from Piper’s Landing Y&CC Legal Documents are bolded).

Sale or Lease. No Owner may transfer or dispose of a Unit or any interest in a Unit by sale or lease without the approval of the Board of Directors. As a condition of approval of any sale or lease of a Unit, the Owner shall furnish to the Board of Directors, all information requested by the Board, including all documents signed or to be signed in connection with the proposed transaction, or as may be provided for in the Rules and Regulations.

  • No Unit may be leased for a period of more than one (1) year, nor less than one (1) month nor shall there be more than three (3) leases of any Unit during any one (1) year period.
  • No Unit may be leased for more than three (3) years cumulatively while under the same ownership.

The three-year rule has currently been waived by the BOD. Currently, there is no limit to the number of years the unit can be rented. At any time, the BOD may resend this directive. At that time, the homeowner will then have three more years from that date to be able to rent his home.

Upon approval of their application, each Lessee shall provide the Association with (1) a deposit of $1,000 and 2) current credit card information (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). The Association may charge any delinquent fees with respect to the lessee’s obligations to the Association to such funds or credit card at such time or times and in such amounts as it may in its sole discretion determine.

Upon approval, the lessee shall be entitled to the same privileges as the member, subject to the payment of applicable fees and charges as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

e. The member may not use the Association facilities, except as a guest, during the period the member’s privileges have been assigned.

f. The period of time a lessee may have privileges shall be not less than thirty (30) days nor more than one (1) year and may be renewed for one (1) additional year with Board approval. A lessee may have privileges for no more than two (2) years, even if the lessee were to rent different units from different members. A member may lease only three (3) times in any twelve (12) month period.

Golf Equity: (also includes Tennis, Lifestyle Center, Clubhouse, Food and Beverage for the lessee(s).

Usage Fee: $1,000 per month. The base usage fee collected will be credited back to the renter against their non-refundable capital fee if they purchase a property within a short period of the end of their rental agreement.

An Interpretation of the rules concerning Amenities

If the renter wants the amenities of Piper’s Landing Y&CC, then they pay $1000.00/month directly to Pipers plus 6.5% Florida sales tax.
They may elect to uses the amenities on a month to month basis, i.e. pay one month then skip one month, etc.
Please confirm prior to leasing with the Assistant to the General Manager or Marketing Director that this information is current and correct.
Amenities are available for you, one co-renter, and minor children.
Minor children must be accompanied by an adult to use any facilities.
Children 14 and older may drive a golf cart.
Children under 14 are not allowed to drive a golf cart even if accompanied by an adult.

  • Use of the Clubhouse for Dining and Entertainment Events (please confirm when making a reservation).
  • Unlimited use of the Golf course and practice facilities for you and your co-renter. Guest fees apply to other guests.
  • Unlimited use of the tennis and pickleball facilities.
  • Use of the Exercise facilities.
  • If a renter uses the Amenities for greater than one month then a golf cart may be provided by the club if the owner does not provide one.

Boat slips have a separate fee. Please inquire if you want a slip with or without the other Amenities.

Either by an attorney or a Florida Realtor. There are standard leases that both have available. Leases for condos are different that leases for single-family homes. The standard lease approved by the Florida Bar Association and the Florida Association of Realtors is approximately 18 pages.

The number of adults can stay in the home?

If the renters can have kids in the unit. Part-time or full time. How many and their ages, if any?

If the renters can have pets? If so the number and any restrictions? Pet Deposit?

Piper’s allows two pets. Dogs can be any weight, but certain breeds or mixed breeds are restricted, with no exceptions.

Is smoking allowed in the home?

Rental rates vary based on the time of year. Seasonal, out of season, and annually.

Termination fees if renter leaves early.

What happens if the home is sold when occupied by renters.

Whether Renters may allow the home to be shown if it is up for sale.

The listing agent will give renters as much notice as possible.

Who does the renter contact if there are issues? The rental agent or the owner?

Confirm this with your Landlord. Each landlord may have different policies

The unit should be furnished including all supplies, furnishing, and equipment.

Landlord provides the electricity, internet, water, and basic cable. There may be charges for electricity over a certain amount.

Renters pay for any premium channels they want from Comcast.

There should be a checklist of items in the home. The landlord or his agent should go over that list with the renters and have the renters sign that list.
Pictures should be taken of the home, especially anything previously damaged.

When the renters are ready to leave you, or your agent goes back over the list to make sure nothing is missing, broken, and that the unit is ready for the next renter.

The Landlord may have a cleaning charge after a rental.

Be aware that rentals in Piper’s will be very limited in the future because of all the sales in 2020

  • Condos   $5,000+/month up + 6.5% sales tax & 5% resort tax
  • Cottages $5,000+/month up + 6.5% sales tax & 5% resort tax.
  • Homes    $6,000++/month up + 6.5% sales tax & 5% resort tax.

All rents vary depending on the size of the home and its condition and do not include the Amenity Fees to Piper’s Landing Y&CC.

Piper’s Landing Y&CC charges renters to use the amenities of Piper’s.
Currenltly it is $1,000/month + 6.5% sales tax.
It is optional on a month to month basis and includes unlimited use of the clubhouse, golf course, tennis, and Pickleball facilities

  1. Permitted pets must comply with current Florida statutes and the Martin County Code of Ordinances. Dogs, except as herein provided, cats and other similar pets, numbering not more than two (2) per household are permissible. The following dogs are not compatible with the Piper’s Landing Y&CC and are not permitted at any time: Akita, Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Chow, Husky, German Shepherd, Wolf/wolf mix, or any combination of such breeds, or any animal with a bite history.
  2. Pets, when outside, shall be on a leash or in a secure container and be under the control of an adult at all times, except:
  3. When the owner’s property has an invisible fence. Invisible fences must be installed a minimum of five (5) feet from the front and rear lot lines and at the property lot lines on each side; and,
  4. When in areas designated by the Board as off-leash areas or “Dog Parks”. The use of such designated Dog Parks shall be subject to regulations adopted by the Board from time to time.

Pet owners shall remove all pet droppings from all locations. Pets shall not create a nuisance.

No pets are permitted in the Clubhouse, in the neighborhood swimming pools, on the tennis or Pickleball courts, or upon the golfing facility.

I have to admit, I thought the Dog Park was an ok idea when it was proposed primarily because we do not have any pets. However, when we kept a friend’s dog, which we both adore and want shared custody, I found the dog park to be a great place to let them run free. In season, the dogs bring their owners to Yappy Hour. The dogs catch up on all the latest news and have a glass of wine while the owners run-up to the fence and greet any new arrival. I think I have that right. Anyway, it is a great asset for Piper’s Landing Y&CC