Are you ready to eat?

Are you ready to see some of the food of Piper’s?

These are several of Cecil B De Jim’s amateur videos of some of our event buffets.
I suggest you do not look at the videos until after your dinner.

Piper’s has several featured events during the year.

The Welcome-Back-Start-of-the-Season dinner party provides all-you-can-eat lobster, crab, oysters, clams,
mussel, shrimp, lamb, prime rib, beef tenderloin, some green stuff, and finished off with a whole room full of non-fatting deserts.

Then you can waddle out to the fire pit or dance to the music of one of our favorite bands.

Next is our New Years’ Eve Dinner Dance. It is either a sit-down dinner or numerous food stations, with a band. Pipertonians love to dance.

Valentines’ weekend is our member-guest weekend with way too much food, of course, ending with dinner fit for royalty and dancing.

Our Superbowl party consists of numerous food stations and some intense rivalries.

The final big event is our Fare-the-Well party for all our snowbirds and you guessed it, dinner and dancing.

In season you cannot do all the activities. Out of season, you feel like you own your own private club. Which in a way you do.