Information on Piper’s Landing Y&CC provided by Jim Forbes

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1. Real Estate Info & Forms on Piper’s

100. Jim Forbes Real Estate, LLC – Jim’s Current Listings.pdf

A detailed summary of each of my listings
A link to a YouTube video on each of my listings
A link to a virtual tour on each of my listings.

101. All Homes & Condos For Sale in Piper’s.pdf
104. Piper’s Landing – Home Styles.pdf
105. Membership Equity & HOA Dues of Piper’s 2019-2020.pdf

110F. Real Estate Alert Preferences form for Piper’s.pdf (Download of form at the bottom)
114F. Buyers Representation form for Piper’s.pdf (Download of the form at the bottom)

Documents with an F in the number are fill-in forms.
Save the form to your computer.
Input your information.
Save it again.
Email it to me at

2. Brochures on Jim’s FOR SALE Listings
3. Brochures on Jim’s FOR LEASE Listings (when available)
4. White Papers on Aspects of Piper’s Landing Y&CC:

107. Beach Access & Parks near Piper’s.pdf
108. Location information around Piper’s.pdf
129. Motels near Piper’s Landing Y&CC.pdf
200. Recommended Emporiums of Gastronomical Delight.pdf
204. Piper’s – Amenity Usage for Guests and Family.pdf
207. Piper’s Landing Dog Park Information & Restrictions.pdf
210. Piper’s Landing – Real Estate Taxes 2019.pdf
214. Piper’s Walking Trail Map.pdf
215. Piper’s Landing – Quick Facts.pdf
221. Piper’s Landing – Pet Restrictions.pdf
222. Pickleball Rules.pdf
225. Marina Slips & Sizes.pdf
226. Marina Lease Rates and Exclusive Use Values & Rates.pdf
230. Fire Rescue.pdf
260. Informational Web Sites.pdf
270. School Report – Palm City Elementary School.pdf
271. School Report – Bessey Creek Elementary School.pdf
272. School Report – Hidden Oaks Middle School.pdf
273. School Report – Martin County High School.pdf
460. Piper’s Administrative Directory.pdf
465. Piper’s Landing – Vendor List 2019.12.pdf
466. Jim’s Vendor List by Name.pdf
467. Jim’s Vendor List by Type.pdf
475. Operational Details ~ FPL, USPS, Comcast, etc.pdf
476. How to Install Norton’s Anti-Virus – free to owners in Piper’s.pdf

Buyer’s Agent:

If you do not already have a real estate agent representing you, I request that you allow me to represent you when you are looking at homes and condos in Piper’s Landing Y&CC.

If you call or email another agent then that agent considers you his Buyer and they will exclude me from representing you on that property and any other property they show to you.

Therefore I request that you fill out the Buyers’ Representation Form to prevent any possible confusion or conflict.

Remember that you want somebody representing you that:

  • Knows the history and the Pros and Cons of each property in Piper’s.

  • Knows the nuances of the Rules and Regulations of the HOA.

  • Accumulates and analyzes all the data on property sales in the community.

  • Has lived in Piper’s since 2012.

  • Will be there to assist you during and after the purchase of your home.

  • Will be your neighbor after you purchase a home.

Download this Buyers Representation form, fill it in, save it, then email it back to me.

That is the best way to ensure that I will be the one to represent you in your search for a home in Piper’s.

Download – – Buyers Representation form

Download – – Alerts on Changes in Properties in Piper’s