Below is a link that will access the following items in my cloud:

  • A summary of all the properties (not just my listings) currently For Sale in Piper’s Landing Y&CC.
    This summary has some additional data that is not readily available like when a roof was replaced.

  • A document with the following:

    (a)  A detailed summary of each of my listings.

    (b)  A link to a youtube video on each of my listings.

    (c)  A link to a virtual tour on each of my listings.

With these videos and virtual tours is the next best thing to actually taking a physical walkthrough of the properties.

You can go to this link to access all the data outlined above.

You may want to bookmark it on your computer.



If you do not already have a real estate agent representing you, I request that you allow me to represent you when you are looking at homes and condos in Piper’s Landing Y&CC.

If you call or email another agent then that agent considers you his Buyer and they will exclude me from representing you on that property and any other property they show to you.

Therefore I request that you fill out the Buyers’ Representation Form to prevent any possible confusion or conflict.
Remember you want somebody representing you that:

  • Knows the history and the Pros and Cons of each property in Piper’s.

  • Knows the nuances of the Rules and Regulations of the HOA.

  • Accumulates and analyzes all the data on property sales in the community.

  • Has lived in Piper’s since 2012.

  • Will be there to assist you during and after the purchase of your home.

  • Will be your neighbor after you purchase a home.

Download this Buyers Representation form, fill it in, save it, then email it back to me.

That is the best way to ensure that I will be the one to represent you in your search for a home in Piper’s

Buyers Representation form