Martin County Real Estate Taxes 2019

Real Estate Taxes are based on what you pay for a home.

Martin County Property Appraisers Website

Martin County Tax Collectors Website

Real Estate Tax Estimator on the Martin County Property Appraisers Website

Real Estate Taxes consist of two parts:

  1. Ad-Valorem Taxes are based on property value.
    • Based on 80+/-% of Purchase Price
    • Homestead Properties are limited to three percent per year increase in the value of the home per year.
    • Ad-Valorem Taxes are paid in the arrears.


  2. Non-Ad-Valorem fees are for services.
    • Previous services which are a fixed amount for a certain period of time
    • Expenses which are adjusted annually.
    • Non-Ad-Valorem fees are paid in advance

These are rough estimates only.

Taken from the Martin County Property Appraiser Website
Real Estate Taxes are due before March 31st
4% discount if paid in November
3% discount if paid in December
2% discount if paid in January
1% discount if paid in February


Purchase PriceRE Taxes
RE Taxes
Not Homesteaded
1st year only
Valuation increase limit3%UnlimitedIncreases with Valuation
Estimated Ad-Valorem$________
Non-Ad-Valorem for Pipers
Water & Sewer - Connection to county system-last payment 2020$548
County Garbage Collection Fees$309
Total Estimated Real Estate Tax Bill$________
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