Martin County Real Estate Taxes 2019

Real Estate Taxes are based on what you pay for a home.

Martin County Property Appraisers Website

Martin County Tax Collectors Website

Real Estate Tax Estimator on the Martin County Property Appraisers Website

Real Estate Taxes consist of two parts:

Ad-Valorem Taxes are based on property value.

  • Based on 80+/-% of Purchase Price

  • Homestead Properties are limited to three percent per year increase in the value of the home per year.

  • Ad-Valorem Taxes are paid in the arrears. IE 2019 Taxes due are due and payable before March 31, 2020.

Non-Ad-Valorem fees are for services.

  • Previous services which are a fixed amount for a certain period of time

  • Expenses that are adjusted annually.

  • Non-Ad-Valorem fees are paid in advance

Real Estate Taxes are due before March 31st the following year
4% discount if paid in November
3% discount if paid in December
2% discount if paid in January
1% discount if paid in February

These are rough estimates only.
Taken from the Martin County Property Appraiser Website

Purchase PriceRE Taxes
RE Taxes
Not Homesteaded
1st year only
Valuation increase limit3%UnlimitedIncreases with Valuation
Estimated Ad-Valorem$________
Non-Ad-Valorem for Pipers
Water & Sewer - Connection to county system-last payment 2020$548
County Garbage Collection Fees$309
Total Estimated Real Estate Tax Bill$________
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