A Guide to Buying a home in Piper’s Landing

These are some suggestions on how to search for a home in Piper’s Landing. They may not be appropriate for you, but it may give you some ideas. If you provide them to me it will help me serve you better in looking for a home for you. If you so desire, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page as best you can and return it to me.


Piper’s is a premier a golfing and boating community with a great lifestyle and tremendous social events. Do you (this includes family members) play golf or want to play golf on a regular basis (meaning at least 3 rounds per week), or want to moor your boat in the Marina, or do you want the Social lifestyle of a private Country Club?  If not, Piper’s may not be the best choice for you because there is only one level of membership in Piper’s, so all owners support all the amenities.

Be aware that Marina slips have additional fees.


Are you looking for a home in the next few months or so or is it more of a long-term goal?
The amount of time you will be at Piper’s:
Part-time (as we in the South call them – Snowbirds) or full-time resident?
Are you planning to retire to Florida in the future?

Homeowners Association Dues (HOA):

The HOA dues can be a bit confusing to understand. First a very by the type of home type of homes. Also, they consist of two parts the first part is for the amenities of golf, tennis, and country club. The second part is for the expenses that the homeowner would normally pay for out-of-pocket. They include:

  • All tips in the clubhouse and on the golf course for all food and beverage including alcoholic beverages,

  • Your water and sewer charges because Piper’s is on one master meter,

  • Your basic cable TV. You only pay for the Internet and premium channels.

  • Lawn care for all homes except custom homes.

This can be a bit confusing so do not hesitate to ask me to go over them with you.

Price Range:

Determine the price range of the home you would want to look at in Piper’s. Remember that there is an Equity Fund Fund contribution of $75,000. Of which $35,000 is non-refundable and $40,000 is refundable on the sale of your home.


What is your preference in a home?

One that is lower priced that will need major renovations and updating?
One that needs some renovations but nothing major?
One that is move-in ready and priced to reflect that condition?

Style of home:

There are six basic styles of homes in Piper’s.

To determine the right style for you, see the floor plans and details of each style.


Establish an order of the views that you would prefer

Golf Course

Property Search:

You can see all the homes that are For Sale in Piper’s Landing on this website under the tab Real Estate. There you will be able to see the description and view the photos of each property. There also may be videos and/or virtual tours on those properties. I can also set you up to be alerted if there is a change in any of those properties. Please fill in the alert form below. You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing me.

Personal Tours:

It is best to schedule tours on the homes you are interested in seeing ahead of time. I can show you any of the homes or condos that are For Sale in Piper’s and it is advantageous to you for me to show you those homes. That way I can give you the history and any pros and cons of those homes. Remember I will be representing you in the buying of a home. If it is my listing I have limited confidentiality and can represent both the buyer and the seller but I cannot disclose anything told to me and confidentiality. Please determine 3 to 5 homes that interest you the most. Then give me a couple of dates and times that you will be available to see those homes. Please note that it can take 24 hours or more to schedule those appointments with the Sellers agent and the Sellers’.

Open Houses:

Occasionally homes on the market have Open Houses. This is especially true on Sundays between 1 pm and 3 pm. This is a good time to see some homes. Contact me and we can arrange to go see those homes If for some reason I am not with you, please mark on their sign-in sheet that you are utilizing my services. That prevents any complications later on with the listing agent.

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